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WHO we are: WRT is your local wi-fi provider and cooperative – the folks that mail you checks 2x a year just for choosing to do business with us!

WHAT we do: We bring you 100% guaranteed wi-fi with rock-solid signal and the fastest speeds available. Plus, we offer phone service, surveillance cameras, security systems & more.

WHY we play: We want you to enjoy all things wi-fi related – including this fun little game!

WHY choose WRT? Our members received an average of $500 CO-OP CA$H last year, so it truly does PAY to be with WRT!

WRT: Give us a call at 748-2211, email or chat with us at - we'd love to tell you even more reasons why you should be with WRT!

Check the stats, pick your favorite mascots or just pick & choose - either way get ready to have some fun with us!

How to Play

  • Sign up with your email address
  • Fill out your bracket once tournament matchups are announced March 15
  • Watch the men's college basketball championship tournament March 19-April 6
  • See how your picks compare with others in your community
  • Come out on top of the Leaderboard and win a great prize!


  1. $100 WRT Bill Credit
  2. $75 WRT Bill Credit
  3. $50 WRT Bill Credit

Random: $25 WRT Bill Credit

Game Rules

  • Must be a current member of WRT
  • Employees/directors/spouses not eligible to win
  • Must be a US resident and 18 years or older
  • Must have a valid email address
  • One entry allowed per person, one person per email address
    Terms and Conditions


When can I make my picks?

Your bracket will be available to complete after Selection Sunday, March 15, when the NCAA announces which teams will be participating in the tournament, and will be open for picks until Thursday, March 19, five minutes before the first game begins that day. No one may submit a bracket after that deadline.

Can I change my picks?

You can update your bracket between March 15 and March 19, up until 5 minutes before the first game begins that day. On Thursday, March 19, the first bracket game begins at 12:00 PM Eastern Time, so at 11:55 AM Eastern Time, all March Mania brackets are locked. You cannot update your bracket after that first game begins.

Are the play-in games included in this contest?

There are four preliminary games the week of March 15 to determine who will play in four of the first round of the bracket games. There are no points associated with these "First Four" games in the Pick-It March Mania contest. You’ll see there are two teams listed on a few of the bracket spots, but those will be replaced with the winner of the play-in game after that game finishes.

What do I get if I win this contest?

Scroll up to check out Prizes for this contest.

Who is allowed to play this contest?

Scroll up to check out the eligibility and rules for this contest.

Who can I contact with a specific question about my contest entry or my bracket?

Please send an email to if you need tech support or have any questions about this Pick-It contest. Thank you!